the Bite Me Project

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is my attempt to eat and review all of Terry Durack's top 50 foods in Sydney

My current home diet: (clockwise from top left) apples & oranges; ham, cheese, tomato and avocado on sourdough; sourdough toast with avocado and tomato with salt and pepper; pesto pasta & potato salad; sandwich & apples; easymac; strawberries; ham, cheese, tomato and honey wholgrain mustard sandwich

I recently read the article 'Bite Me - The 50 things every Sydney food lover should tryby Terry Durack, in the October issue of the(sydney)magazine, after which it came to my attention that as a food lover living in Sydney, I had not tried so many of the things that Durack claimed that I should have!

The BITE ME Project is my attempt to cover as many of the 50 things that Durack suggests I, as a food over in Sydney, should try. With each taste, I will review whether or not I think the food was worthy to make the top 50 and at the end, hopefully with a much broader sense of food appreciation, I will review if I found the article to be a true representation of the jewels that the Sydney food treasure chest has to offer.

When on holidays we find ourselves often oohing and ahhing at cathedrals, monuments and customs, however when we see people taking photos on the Opera House steps we barely bat an eyelash. Sometimes in order to appreciate what has always been accessible to us, in this case good food, we sometimes have to pretend we are tourists in our own home. So - let the project begin!

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