Friday, November 26, 2010

the BITE ME Project no.1 Large sourdough boule from Iggy's Down Under

What is the BITE ME Project?

No.1 Large sourdough boule from Iggy's Down Under

Durack: Iggy and Ludmilla Ivanovic's chewy, crusty, dense, naturally leavened sourdough is a thing of beauty and integrity. Since the Ivanovics arrived in Sydney from Massachusetts, their gigantic boules ($18), skinny ficelles and steamed bagels have become so popular that not only do customers brave long queues at the bakery, restaurants also have to wait in line and prove themselves worthy.

Vanessa: I often think about eating sourdough bread as if I were meeting an old friend. The crust should be thick and sturdy and when you knock the bottom it should produce a warm sound like that which would ring as if you were knocking on the door of an old friend's home. However when opened it should be gooey and pudgy, nourished by the feeling of memories and care. As Durack states Iggy's boule "is a thing of beauty and integrity" - harmoniously achieving this most important paradox. The texture and taste enhance whatever is added to it, making it the perfect starting base for a successful sandwich, toastie or pull-apart to wipe the remnants of a dinner-plate with. Any qualms about being able to finish off such a large sourdough can be overcome by putting half in the freezer, for after defrosting the boule still makes for a satisfying eat.

As such a solid all-rounder Iggy's boule makes the perfect no. 1 to kick off Durack's article. However Sydney is a great source of sourdoughs - with enough to probably make a 'top 50' entirely out of bread alone - hence it would also be wise to check out others such as Bourke st Bakery, Brasserie bread and Sonoma.

Iggy's large sourdough boule - $18 each
49 Belgrave st, Bronte
9369 1650

Special thanks to my dad, who formed my appreciation of sourdough breads and helped write this review.


  1. ohhhh brasserie bread! their garlic bread is amazing. i used to go there all the time for breakfast... but you have to go there at the crack of dawn to get a table these days! its always so busy! worth it though. i like the hot chocolates they do too.

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  3. Oh it seems we've started the same project!! I too am trying to complete all 50 things over at my blog: Simon's Foodie Challenge -
    I will keep an eye on your blog to see how your getting on! x