Friday, November 11, 2011

The BITE ME Project no.40 Roti canai from Mamak

No.40 Roti canai from Mamak

Durack: One of the good things (okay, the only good thing) about having to queue at this modern Malaysian Chinatown favourite is watching the chefs twirl the roti canai flatbread in the air. Served with two curry dips and spicy sambai sauce, it's a treat. 

Vanessa: Roti, for me, is full of memories - of when I was in Singapore with family and we would eat it for $1.50 at hawker centres, readily available in all its oily and doughy goodness at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although distant from a hawker centre, Mamak's roti canai is reminiscently undeniably delicious and its bread, which is fluffy and squishy on the inside and has crispy flakes on the outside, makes for an exciting twist on the South East Asian food. The dhal and curry make for tasty companions, even if your spice-tolerance is rather low as it is in my case, however, it is evident that the bread with its layered and flakey complexity outshines them.

Does the roti canai belong in the top 50 foods in Sydney? As Durack says, it is "a treat" however there are many other yummy roti canai in Sydney, despite most of them lacking the on-the-spot flatbread-making, such as at Aseana (Randwick) and Sinma Laksa House (Kingsford). If waiting in line for 45 minutes, the roti canai makes for a great accompaniment with other of Mamak's tasty dishes, but perhaps isn't a 1/50th of Sydney's best on its own.

Roti canai from Mamak - $5.50 
15 Goulburn st, Haymarket
9211 668


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