Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The BITE ME Project no.48 Baklava from Greek Cakes by Eleni

What is the BITE ME Project?

No.48 Baklava from Greek Cakes by Eleni

Durack: When Greek Cypriot baker Fanos Papacharalambous and his wife, Eleni, reopened their popular cake shop in 2009 after a six-year break, they were rushed off their feet for the wonderfully sticky, flakky, baklava.

Vanessa: As Durack alludes the highlight of the Baklava is its powerful juxtaposition of the "wonderfully sticky, flaky, baklava" layers, which you experience in full from the first bite, and equally to the last. As your top teeth break into the multitudes of thin layers of crispy pastry and your bottom teeth make their way through slightly denser layers all drenched in syrup, you can't help but bite in slow-motion as to savour every moment - the best part being when your teeth meet in the cruncy mixture in between, with all flavours coming together in perfect harmony. As I do not posses the World's greatest sweet tooth, I admit that such high saturation of sweetness overwhelmed me at first, however the contrasts of flavours and textures lead me to love every bite.
A divine treat, this Baklava would satisfy any sweet craving, or a craving to try something out of the ordinary and insanely delicious. 10 chews later, and you will find yourself with an empty plate, syrup all over your chin and keyboard and with most delightful aftertaste in you mouth. And is that cinnamon, I taste?

Read the interview with Eleni! + Be sure to check out Emma's blog too as she is doing the same project!

Baklava from Greek Cakes by Eleni - $3 each
914 Anzac Parade, Maroubra
9349 1800

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  1. You are so lucky..i mean under normal circumstances..not when you are doing charitable activities..below the line $2 a day challenge.
    Fantastic project to be a part of..makes me want to do the Bunbury?