Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141: post LBL brunch + AGNSW Open Weekend

Went to Live Below the Line brunch - not used to being allowed to have such an abundance of delicious foods! It's quite weird to try and shift back to prior ways about thinking of eating - now I consider if it is really worth it, can it wait, am I actually hungry, do I need this sugar or should I instead get some protein? After living below the poverty line, it hard to grasp just how immensely lucky I really am. 

Then I went to the Art Gallery of NSW's Open Weekend in celebration of the new contemporary galleries, including the John Kaldor Family Gallery, which currently holds the family's collection and will next year be combined with that of the gallery. I loved the buzz of the gallery! Activities everywhere you turned, people up for conversation, the sound of The Rescue Ships filtering through levels; what a great vibe. I watched the film 'I Shot Andy Warhol' (it was the first time I'd been in the gallery's fantastic cinema - and it will definitely not be my last!), joined in on the Zoetrope Workshop (run by Ricky Subritzky), joined the Architect's tour of the new contemporary galleries (led by with Andrew Andersons and Anne Flanagan) and attended Tracey Moffat's talk. 

The new contemporary galleries are vast, as Anne mentioned, many people were surprised that such a space existed under the galleries and was so easily converted for public viewing. The Kaldor Family Gallery is exactly that, a gallery. Its own comprehensive unit with a collection rather astounding. This new gallery, and the renovations/extensions of pre-existing sections of the same level, adds a whole new 'level' of excitement to the AGNSW - it's not just an exhibition, it is a completely new space - a new era to be filled. Walking through it for the first time - seeing not only the works but the gallery itself - was like opening an early Christmas present. Where my eyes once quickly scanned a wall of Picasso before heading down the escalator, there is now a deep gallery filled with Koons, Chrsito, and one of my favourite of Bill Viola's. I look very forward to spending some quality time with Lower Level 2. 

*This also makes me really excited for the MCA's new galleries 


  1. FUCK! My visual arts teacher was telling me about that... I was going to go, but I didn't. This is definitely what I'll be doing once I finish my exams.

  2. You've just reminded me that I need to check out the new galleries. The contemporary section of the AGNSW has always been my favourite.