Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142: The Home Show

Went to the Home Show with my mum today, this is a poem about the day:

The Home Show by Vanessa Low

Mops and doors 
and polished wooden floors.
Fly screens, builders,
pools, spas and saunas

A new house? Prefabricated? 
Double story? Buy now specials!
Food dicers, vacuum robots, 
no added chemicals!

UV paint, Australian made, 
extendable either way. 
Buy now, pick up later, 
take home today, no delay. 

Everything you need to make,
to cut, to paste, to renovate,
all you do is
take your pick! -

I really want a


1 comment:

  1. Ahh sounds lovely! and so cute I'm gonna die but at the same time you're a really pro poet ;__; especially bc you're so successful at rhyming. I tended to stick to free verse poetry...