Friday, July 23, 2010

Samantha Chan Part II: backstage at the Fashion show

Samantha Chan is an upcoming designer, her clothes known for their whimsical beauty. On the 4th of July, I had the happiness of shooting backstage at her AW '10 and SS '10 show at the Club, in Kings Cross. A big thank you to Samantha for inviting me, Nikki, the models and all the hands backstage and to Cheyne, for letting me try your external flash, which was utterly delighting. And to Hannah, for carrying the bags, Sofie for getting the sausage rolls and whose hair can dance on demand, Rachel for being there and Gibbs, because, yeah. Sorry for not getting these photos up earlier, I came down with a really severe cold. Let me know if you would like full sized versions of pictures of yourself and I'd be more than happy to send them by email (send me a message - it would be really helpful if you sent me the flickr link to the pictures you want, and identified who you were exactly so I can send you any spare pictures I took as well)

Stay tuned for Samantha Chan part III: the shoot

click on the images for larger view

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t5 t6
tigerdeer gibba
t16 t14
b23 b20
canopy choirs


  1. Love these photos - absolutely amazing!

    Vanessa, can I put these on our Facebook/website as these are the only images I've found for the night?

  2. Your photographs are beautiful. Love this post. Found your blog via The Style Crusader. Will be following from now on :)