Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Birthday

Two years ago, for my birthday, I received my first digital SLR. I knew next to nothing about photography. F stops and shutter speed simply did not exist in my vocabulary. The internet was not yet synonymous with life itself. Obsession with facade was not yet established.

For my birthday party that year, I remember giving out invitations, printed on paper and rolled up in a scroll. Facebook events simply didn't exist and life was so much more private, events so much more sacred.

What a pivotal birthday 2008 held. I re-cut the fringe the I had possessed until the mid '90s and more importantly, I got my SONY a200. I hadn't a clue what it would lead to, now did I expect I would use it so much as I do now, and essentially fall in love with it.

Growing up, photography was never on my 'to do' or 'future hobby' list and I can't even recall what possesses a person who barely knew what DSLR stood for to request receiving one.

The time passes quickly, and the past two years for me have been parallel to the speed and growth that has happened to the internet. Two years ago, had someone mentioned the enormous amount of people I would meet; the photos I would take; ending up in a fashion show at RAFW or taking an inherent interest in photography, all due to the camera I had just received, I would not have known what to say.

The picture on the right was taken in oh-eight, with my friend Carla B, I believe it was on her NOKIA mobile phone. I am not sure which model.

Two years later, 2010, I feel is equally as pivotal. I don't quite know whether any of my gifts will amount to the influence my camera has had, however I feel that if all I mentioned above happened in 2 years, well then, now, hands up if you're excited for the future!



  1. I love you. Happy birthday!

    p.s. We can crack out the phone still works...

  2. Yep, my hands a flailing in the air :D

  3. Happy Birthday! :D I would have commented sooner, but I've been absent from the internet for 4 days working on art!
    Did you get a new lens or any other camera gear? ^ ^
    Gorgeous post by the way, you're a talented writer as always~!!