Saturday, May 11, 2013


Some refer to a kid in a candy store. Others, a dog with two tails. A few nights ago Lush was kind enough to let us explore and experiment with their tasty face masks, butter soft creams, decadent massage bars, and make a cocktail of bath bombs. Disneyland, eat your heart out. 

Face Friends

So delicious I could eat it right out of the pot with a spoon

Miranda getting a Cupcake face mask

Just kidding, it's actually dipped in chocolate!


Me, post Love Lettuce


  1. oh man I WANNA EAT EVERYTHING !! especially that pile of the honeycomb soap(?) mmmmm also i didn't know lush made cosmetics ?! they look so cute and colourful

  2. I have to skip Lush because of my sensitive skin BUT their products always look (and smell) delicious. Especially as captured by you!