Saturday, August 25, 2012

The UNSW Student Cookbook 2012

A few months ago I was apart of the University of NSW's Student Cookbook publication, taking photos of all the delicious recipes! Being involved with such a large project involved a lot of time for styling the food, taking the photos and editing. The whole process took months from the planning to publication and was made possible by a wonderful team. Despite all the hard work, being part of the collaborative process was very rewarding and was a wonderful opportunity to develop my food photography skills. And of course, seeing so many of my photos in print is an incredible feeling! Below are some of my favourite pages from the book: 

Orange, Beetroot and Feta Salad by Dominic Foffani

Torta di Mele by Silvia Sogari

Lime Tart by Nicky Gluch

Chilli Onion Jam by Andy Roberts

Kaya Crepes by Tanya Tan

French Toast by Charlotte Karp

Rice Paper Rolls by Anisa Khozoei


  1. Stunning does one (ie me) get hold of this book (not being a UNSW student or staffie).

  2. AMAZING photos Ness!!! You are simple too talented xxx

  3. your photos are so incredible *__* pro photographer AND food stylist already!!

  4. What amazing images (and super rad blog)!!!

  5. The photos turned out great! And some of those dishes look so interesting and tasty. I was staring at the French Toast, and I just wanted to have endless breakfast!

  6. What a great project to have worked on, congratulations! You'll have to bring a copy of the book next time we meet up.

  7. Hi Vanessa! I was *uhm* googling my name (don't judge me, I was just trying to delete some of those stupid accounts 16yo me created) and I found your website! But sorry, I shall present myself: I'm Silvia, the apple cake girl! I didn't have the chance to tell you how awesome the photos were, absolutely amazing! Anyways, this blog and photos are even more awesome, you are really talented, so I might become a regular :) I'll now leave because this is becoming slightly creepy, but awesome job here and hope to have the pleasure to meet you again someday! ^__^