Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My 1440

Before the concert
Last month I visited the NSW State library which hosted the Sydney Morning Herald's Photos 1440 exhibition as well as the 2011 World Press Photo contest. The title '1440' derives from the 1440 minutes that make up each day, and hence how photojournalists take up the task of capturing these moments. I found the stories, cultures and experiences entrenched in the photos to be paradoxically shocking and beautiful simultaneously and these zeitgeists were reminders that the world - and the people it encompasses - is so much, so incredibly much, vaster than we often give it credit for. 

I found the attitude of the exhibition to be one of openness to different perspectives of the world and thought it would be a shame that the spirit of '1440' should end for me after I left the exhibition. Hence, I hope that the mindset stays and to make sure, I will be looking for my own moments to capture and to share. And hopefully next year, I will be able to meet the next 1440 exhibition like a reunion with an old friend, in a cafe one Sunday afternoon, each eager and bursting to tell the other of the adventures they've had since they last met.

After my first pottery class

At the fruit market

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