Monday, August 29, 2011

The Fifties Fair, Sweet Sixteen!

Each year, the Historic Houses Trust hosts the Fifties Fair at the Rose Seidler house, the first house to be built by the architect Harry Seidler (now recognised for pioneering modernist, and in particular Bauhaus, design in Australia). Flooded with people in their Sunday best, the day celebrated the sharpest aspects of 1950's culture including swing dancing, hairdos, jazz music, full skirts with petticoats, trinkets and pyrex, plus food by Porteño and Bodega. This year marked the 16th gathering in the name of all things spiffy, and needless to say we'll definitely be attending next year - pompadours and all!

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| Click the pictures to make them larger & see details |

| Kitty Van Horne of the Hollywood Honeys |

Pots and pans to Shake, Rattle and Roll | on the lawn outside Rose Seidler House

| Crowds gathering for the best dressed competition |

Ben Milgate of Porteño | treasure hunting

| 1950's coloured glassware |

Delores | the most perfect dress 

| Cicely's sequined bow |

| Period cars | 

Toy vespa | A classy lady

| Swimming cap |

Thrifting | Vanessa!!

  | Colourful patterns from Coco Repose |

Hairdos | Crockery

Things to make your home beautiful | A sharp pair

| Sarah's apron |


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is really cool!
    The fair looks amazing; I wish they did this like this in France...

  2. amazing fair. those photos are pretty cool and so gorgeous.
    this year i missed the 50s fair near to my town.

  3. oomg omg omg Im dying over this post! Loooks so so amazing ahh those swimming caps are soo cool!! Just everything, looks soo cool. Amazing photographs too!