Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello, I’m sure I’ve seen most of you before. If not, I am Carla, and I am here today to describe more food adventures I have faced in recent times (as well as a general idea about the awesomeness of food).

While my food adventures have continued, I am not so good at remembering to take photos, probably because I am one of those people who follows every plate of food that comes out of a kitchen, in the hopes it is mine, and once a plate is mine, there is no stopping me.

I have been having many discussions with my friends about soufflés – something I have never actually had. So this past Monday, I finally got to try one at Max Brener’s.

I am a major chocolate lover and overall dessert lover. And a chocolate soufflé is not something I should have put off for this long.

The mixture of cake and gooey chocolate is perfect for someone like me – someone with an extremely sweet tooth and who can handle rich items. Also, the fact Max Brener constantly puts extra chocolate on everything isn’t bad either. But basically, this soufflé is the party that is cooler than yours and that while everyone is invited, not everyone can understand.

Being an avid baker, I cannot wait to try and master the art of the soufflé in the future.

- Carla B

p.s. Still recovering from the three person cheesecake

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  1. Hey Carla :) Maxxies is epic right? :P bahaha. Can't wait for uni to get back again...mondays

    xo Jen