Thursday, March 17, 2011

When I read magazines... (feat. Helmet issue #2)

About a month ago, I attended the launch of Helmet magazine's 2nd issue. Thank you to Tempe for inviting me and thank you to Carla B for being the best company ever, as always. Anita Lester played on the night and if you're interested in listening to some fine tunes then I suggest you check her out now

below: What I sometimes think about when I read print media, featuring Helmet #2
(pictures by me)

I sometimes think of how I would dress the models...

And I think of drawing on the faces...

And of adding my own pictures to the pages

(clockwiseish from top left - March Gaga issue of Vogue, Carla and Rob Pattinson, Jello eyes, the Guggenheim in NY, In-N-Out burgers, Carla and Lady Gaga, Carla with Andy Warhol cow wallpaper, at NBC studios, Ellen at Hyde Park, Miranda and a margarita, 
Carla in hotel hallway, Vince on pillar, at McDonald's, Cheese and Mac + Campbell's soup, with Charlie Chaplin, Carla with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream)


  1. i like your version of the magazine a lot better! you have the best polaroids!
    and i'll probably fb harass you about this later, but where in sydney do you buy your instax film? i remember seeing places in the past but i seem to have forgotten ┐( ´‿ゝ`)┌