Sunday, March 27, 2011

Washington Supermarket

Washington supermarket

On that note, these are some of the best quotes from my new favourite book at the moment, The World Encyclopedia of Cheese by Juliet Harbutt:

 Ardi-Gasna - "The flavour is clean and fresh with the sweetness of mountain flowers and a nuttiness born of age." 

Tunworth - "The aroms is of mushrooms and cellars while the taste is reminiscent of mushroom soup with just a dash of sherry and the finish is nutty with a delicate hint of green grass."

Keltic Gold - "Supple and squidgy, every mouthful reveals another stratum of flavour, from hints of bacon and yeat to a more nutty, buttery character."



  1. It wasn't just grass...but Green grass! She can taste the colour green! that is accuracy! ;) by the way is that cool owl beanie from San Fran by any chance???

  2. Harbutt is bringing the senses into a whole new dimension, indeed!

    Yes! San Fran equals the best beanies :D and Clam chowder ^^

    xx Vanessa