Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bonjour & Merci Beaucoup

photographer: Vanessa
model: Carla

Hello & thank you to everyone who has recently visited and read this blog. Having so many visitors is something I never anticipated and I am extremely flattered every time I see the little visitor counter go up – thank you! However, with so many new visitors, I think it might be necessary to clarify a few points.

I never anticipated the Monday Issue to be primarily a style blog, or a blog inclined to anything else in particular, for that matter. I appreciate style immensely and respect fashion for being the articulation of imagination and a means through which people can creatively self-express. I see clothing as an art form more than a trend or a season or a fad. Colour, textures and compositions are as important to an outfit as they are to a sculpture & I am unremittingly impressed with the innovative ensembles people compose.
Keeping this state of mind in consideration, I don't intend to only concentrate on fashion and style. I don't know what I have install for this not-so-small-anymore blog, but I would like to keep things in perspective.

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) was a very exciting and motivational time, but at the end of the day, I only attended one show. After finally getting through all the majority of the photos I took, I am looking forward to the future and do not intend to dwell on the RAFW wave. I think the most important part of an inspiring experience is the take it on board and transpose it into a person’s own creative process – to stop being star-struck and begin starring.

I look forward to posting some exciting interviews & resuming my illustrations and what not. If RAFW taught me one thing, it was to get out there and see what the world has to offer. I definitely anticipate a lot more streetstyle in the future, however, not exclusively.

I think I realised this today, when I was, as always, in the newsagency deciding which magazine I should buy (the process which you can read about here). I was surprisingly drawn away from this month’s Vogue Australia and ended up walking out of the newsagency with a copy of mindfood – a magazine whose target audience I am positive I do not fit into. And as awkward as it’s cover model, Emma Thompson, looks stacked on top of my Pop magazine/Abbey Lee, I feel very grounded knowing that there are larger things in life than last night’s polaroids. But then again, my magazine stack is in competition with my Universe book which will, forever and always, win.

Right now, the most important things on my mind are Devil's Tears by Angus and Julia Stone; sleep & and as always, cheese (oh my blue veined brie, I can scarcely wait to eat you!)

Thank you,
xx Vanessa


  1. always good to clarify what your blog is all about. they tend to develop organically and i think it's good to be open to what feels like the right thing to post about at a particular time. can't wait to see what you've got in store in the future - i absolutely love your photos and your blog for more than just the street style. xx

  2. I just discovered your blog, it is fantastic. I love all of your fashion week coverage :)

  3. Sounds like your fueling up for creative changes and challenges. Sounds great. I like that you have that sorted in your head and your not about to be the content you think your audience want, you're just going to be the content you want.

  4. I've always liked your blog because from one post to the next they are always different and not always about fashion.
    So basically just keep doing what your doing =)


  5. i was linked to your blog via the sweatty betty blog after seeing a pic of you and the girls at fashion week! recognised your school uniform.. graduated from the same school two yrs ago!
    great blog, look forward to visiting again! x