Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Food Experiments: POPSICLES!

It is a well known fact that IKEA-browsing merits the same sense of addiction that would be associated with the likes of ASOS-browsing, or peanut-butter-from-the-jar-licking. The products of these activities promising an increased value and enjoyability of life ("it's not just a pen, it's a principle"). From a new couch, to a metre of fabric, to a new whisk - these products all hold the promise that my life would be undeniably more fulfilling if such item were a part of it. Of course though, in most times the reality is not as grand or romantic as was originally hoped. However, not in this instance - that of the CHOSIGT! IKEA's ice pop maker! Really it's just freezing fancy ice, but it's been utterly addictive fun! 

Here are some ideas I've tried thus far: 

1. Pour in apple juice
2. Slice strawberries and evenly distribute between molds
3. Freeze!

1. Grate a block of dark chocolate into each of the molds (this will make the chocolate tip)
2. In a separate container/bowl mix some honey with Greek yoghurt
3. Spoon about a tablespoon of yoghurt into each mold
4. Shave some more dark chocolate into each
5. Add the mixed berries (which can be bought in a tin) and some of the juices
6. Add yoghurt, then chocolate, then berries again until the molds are full
7. Freeze!

1. Add peach slices (I used Goulburn Valley peach slices in mango juice) into each mold
2. Pour ice tea on top (I used Lipton Peach ice tea)  
3. Pour the mango juice from the peaches
4. Finish with a layer of peach ice tea
(Hopefully the layers make a nice slightly marbled effect) 
5. Freeze!

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