Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meringues (from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals)

Tonight I made meringues for dessert, from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals (page 246). Although the recipes are presented as parts of a multiple-dish meal, the book is still a handy resource for picking and choosing single dishes from the sets. Next to the Crispy Potatoes (page 196), these are my favourite thus far!

Like most times I try to follow recipes, this one did not go to plan. Especially as some ingredients are a little hard to get your hands on (Jamie, what is chicory? I've never heard of it, and apparently neither have the food retailers of Sydney). But even with the use of substitutes, the results were finger-licking tasty - so here is the recipe for future reference: 

Meringues (p.246) - Vanessa's edit


1 Mango
Handful of cherries
Tin of passionfruit pulp
1 tablespoon runny honey (or more to taste)
6 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt
Pack of 10 meringue nests
Mint leaves


1. Put yoghurt in a bowl
2. Add the honey and stir through 
3. Thinly slice mango cheeks and chop cherries, then stir into the yoghurt
4. Place meringue nests on a board
5. Dollop yoghurt into each meringue nest
6. Top with a thin slice of mango and a piece of cherry
7. Garnish with a little passionfruit puree and a mint leaf; drizzle a little honey over the top

It's like a gourmet yoghurt, but the sweet crunchiness of the meringue makes it a topnotch dessert!

* Update - PS I tried this again & most of the meringue nests were crushed in their packets. So instead we put the crushed parts in small bowls and made impromptu eton messes - check the out here!

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  1. I always thought chicory was some sort of root plant that is a substitute for coffee..and you can "smoke" food with it too (I think). That would've been so frustrating - but the end result looks tops.