Sunday, July 7, 2013

Singapore Diary pt2

Lime juice! (I was going to tally how many I drank this trip but stopped after I had three with one meal!)

Hainanese Village markets in Lorong Ah Soo

Eggs at the market

Symbolic offerings of money to be burnt for the deceased

My childhood favourite - nine layered kueh

Bedtime stories with Kylie

Godma, Kurt & Noel


A very touching proposal at Pink Dot

Shining torches to make the Pink Dot 

Helicopters rehearsing for the National Day Parade

Kylie & her support crew (first time playing with sand) at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Playing with water at the Jacob Ballas Children's Park

Nicholas with our ice lemon teas!

Feeding fish at the Botanic Gardens

Chilli Crab at New Ubin Seafood

Hungry cat eyeing our crab

Mee Siam & Pei Tan Chok (Century Egg porridge) for breakfast at the local hawker centre

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