Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ode to Lush

Up until about a month ago I had associated Lush with merely fancy soaps and incredible bath bombs. That was, until Miranda asked me if I had known that is was also a mecca for skincare? No way! I've tried a lot of skincare regimes for almost a decade, as my skin is incredibly sensitive and puberty was not kind to yours truly. I decided to give 'Angels on Bare Skin' a go - a "medieval cleansing wash with rose and lavender" - and was impressed that it didn't strip my skin down but left it feeling really fresh, but also plump with moisture. And thus a fan was born.

Also pictured above: a steam tab (first time I've tried using them and the experience of sweating your pores out was actually quite enjoyable); orange blossom solid perfume (it's like a Chapstick, but for your neck!); Grease Lightning in the background (kills upcoming blemishes. So, basically used every day); and Herbalism (the new cleanser I've decided to give a go as Angels has almost run out!). 

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