Monday, January 7, 2013

Amit (founder of P'nache)

Amit is the founder of P'nache, the newest addition to the dense restaurant population in The Spot, Randwick. Just over a week old,  P'nache promises a groovy ambience, ethical eating, and a menu of culturally inspired "gourmet like never before" (be sure to add a side of nacho fries and freshly squeezed lemonade)!

What inspired you to open P'nache?
It's a funny story actually, 'cause the guy who inspired me to open P'nache just came in. His name is Sam Prince - he was a medical student as well and he opened up Zambrero which is a fresh Mex grill chain, it's on Oxford st and it's a pretty big chain now. He basically gave me the idea one time I got rostered onto a rotation with him at a general practice. I always wanted to start a business when I was 14, I used to sell earrings and copyright CD's and stuff like that. I was a medical student for three years and I decided that I wanted to do community medicine which basically you need a lot of money for, or you rely of government funding, but that's a bit tight so basically I thought it would be a good way to take a few years off, do what I wanted to do in business and use it for medical stuff as well. And I like burgers and shakes and everything so I wanted to open it up. I ran it across Sam Prince and he told me he actually did it so it was really good that he could guide me a little bit. So now we're open!

What's your favourite item on the menu? Probably the honeycomb season milkshake - I'm a big milkshake fan.

How long has Panache been in the planning for? It's been planned since last year, July.

I've noticed that you have a lot of Mexican themed items on your menu, do you take inspiration from any particular places?
We try to make it modern Australian - so we have some Thai, we've got a Thai vegetable pattie, a mediteranean vegetable pattie, some Mexican with sourcream and guacamole... Another theme we try and do is the movement called ethical omnivorism where basically you only try to eat meat where you know how it was raised and if it was raised well. So all the animal products we use, I've actually visited the farms myself. I've driven there and seen it... the stock density and the technical stuff.

If you had to describe Panache in three words? Gourmet, ethical, and awesome.

If you were reincarnated as a burger, which one would you want to be?
It would probably be the Mine & Kuulz - my girlfriend's name is Kuulz, I named it with me and her in it. It's a lamb burger - it's got basil pesto and hommus in it, so it's a good combination.

49 Perouse Road, Randwick (The Spot) 
(02) 9398 7496

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