Monday, October 29, 2012

Fruit Salad Tea

This morning I made fruit salad and whilst coring the fruits decided that instead of throwing the remnants away, to try using them as tea infusers! 

 I simply put the remnants apple, pear and pineapple cores, peach and mango stones, orange peel, and a mulberry) into a teapot and added boiling water. Leave to infuse. Then add a teabag (I chose Cranberry & Pomegranate by Twinings) and leave to further infuse. 

The final cup was pretty delicious! The fruits weren't strong enough on their own (I taste tested it after about 5 minutes of brewing & decided it needed the teabag) but they did add to the Cranberry and Pomegranite a very fruity, fulsome flavour. The oranges especially added a certain zinginess. This is an idea I'd like to pursue more; I can't wait to try out other combinations!

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