Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beijing Diary Pt 2: 天津

East meets West

On our second day in China we visited the city of Tianjin!

Mini apples! They taste exactly like normal apples except they are as small as cherries! (Also pictured, breakfast: bottled water, bao, watermelon)

Cycling is a main mode of transport - there is always a bike in sight!

The three-wheeled taxis(?) were so eye catching - hope I get a chance to ride in one in the future!

Chopsticks anyone?

Shopping time

At the store that sold the delicious dried cuttlefish

Dried fish(?)

Hey there!

Kylie can walk now!

Street market

Yay, Kylie!

Yabbies: before

Yabbies: after

At the Silk Factory - silk worms at different stages

The silkworm cocoons are soaked and the stretched out in layers 

The silkworms are removed from their cocoons 

The layers are then stretched out - lots of layers makes a quilt

Bargaining time - "best best price" is exchanged via calculator 

Kylie enjoying all the silk products!

Michael and Jenny on the bus


  1. Beijing looks fabulous - I hope I get to go there one day.

  2. China is definitely on my must travel list. It looks hectic but vibrant.

    Such good comments! Did you know you left the 1000th comment on my blog? I think you deserve a prize! Seriously :)