Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The BITE ME Project no.20 Caffe Latte from Single Origin Roasters

What is the BITE ME Project? 

No. 20 Caffe Latte from Single Origin Roasters

Durack: The one, true, real coffee will always be espresso, made from carefully sourced, intuitively roasted, sharply ground single-origin beans on a clean machine by a skilful, focused barista. Enter the supremos, Single Origin Roasters, and their life-saving espresso, ristretto and caffe latte (from $4).

Vanessa: I have to admit it right off the bat before you coffee fans out there catch me out, I am not too keen on the bean. Don't get me wrong, I've given it a fair go. It occurred to me last year that I could be really missing out, so I tried the takeaway cup in the morning and the large mug at the cafe, and I remember once even trying Nescafe grains dissolved in a styrofoam cup. But the appeal to me seemed inconsistent, and after a particularly overt reaction to a particularly strong iced mocha, my takeaway lids have since read 'HC.'

But let us tarry not on this history, for although coffee is not my forté, I know a good drink when I have one. I know it because when it is placed on the table in front of you, you can't help but flare your nose and inhale - you inhale because it smells sharp, it smells robust, it smells so agreeably confident that it's star sign would be a Leo. Your first sip is always small, wary and testing the waters. However if it is as full-bodied as the caffe latte I had at Single Origin, it need only take a small sip to fill your entire mouth with a strong, tantalising flavour. At this moment your eyebrows furrow trying to decode the layers - not too bitter, very smooth, with a satisfying aftertaste which is more than just a fading echo of the actual drink. And then you sip again, each time savouring the flavour. You know you're enjoying the drink when you protectively drag the saucer a little closer afraid that a waitress might mistake your slowness for being finished. At the end, the empty glass is a beacon of satisfaction and accomplishment.

The coffee from Single Origin stood out from the many I had tried before it, and its presence on the Top 50 List is well deserved. Of course there are many coffee shops across Sydney, each one with their own cluster of dedicated fans, however with its distinct flavour and exemplary body I found that Single Origin is well worth the trip (even for a non coffee drinker like me).

Single Origin Roasters
60-64 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills
Phone: 9211 0665

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