Friday, April 13, 2012

Sydney Royal Easter Show

For two weeks each year Sydney Olympic Park is filled with festivities of agriculture, show bags and rides: the Sydney Royal Easter Show. This year's show was characterised by a lot of walking; animal stroking; show bag buying; lemonade drinking; wood-chop watching; food sampling; cake admiring; token ride riding; winning of a consolation prize on a pricey game (this year it was a furry felt covered oversized smiling flower); and being utterly exhausted on the train ride home. Also noteworthy each year is the meeting of both city and country cultures - one of the most interesting parts of the Easter Show, for me, is experiencing the way that different demographics come together.

The best lemonade ever! | The patchy skinned, curly haired, blue eyed, beautiful horse at the stables

Angus cattle

Show bags! | Show bag loot on display 

Woodchopping competition

Free samples at the Food Dome

Goat feeding at the Dairy Farmers Farmyard Nursery | Apples for sale in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome 

Admiring the cake decorating/sugar art displays


The Ferris Wheel | The Laughing Clowns

The Laughing Clowns

Chicks hatching in the Farmyard Nursery | District displays made of food in the Food Dome 

Tired train ride home

Sydney Royal Easter Show

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