Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Rocks Village Bizarre

❝ The Rocks’ Markets by Moonlight has had a freaky and fabulous facelift and transformed into Village Bizarre - a Friday night festival of secrets alleys and hidden rooms hosting experimental arts, poetry slams, silent discos, bespoke tailoring and burlesque gyrations, hula hoop classes and intimate laneway concerts… all on the colourful cobblestones of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood.  
- Time Out Sydney

Hula Hooping with HMAS Heidi Hoops | a very colourful information guide
Beautiful and quirky things from the past are in abundance around the Rocks 
Miranda balancing books as part of Applespiel's 'Awful Literature is Still Literature, I Guess' | delicious smells coming from Jack Mundey Pl.
Awful Literature is Still Literature, I Guess | Art History in a Red Velvet Tent with Dr Alan Krell
Ukelele street performances 
MOHS Hair and Beauty Bar | The Glitter Militia


  1. Great, atmospheric photos - but mostly I'm looking at the obvious warmth of the weather where you are and feeling envious!