Sunday, October 16, 2011

Variety Op Shop Ball

Love is in the Air by John Paul Young

Variety was initially founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by a group of theatre owners and showmen who, after upon finding an abandoned child on the steps of a film theatre, took the child in and raised funds for her care. After realising this passion for community, the group began offering their assistance to local orphanages, giving their goods and services to children in need. Variety and its ethos spread throughout the entertainment industry and is now an international non-for-profit organisation assisting children in 14 countries. It was introduced in Australia in 1975 with the actor Paul Hogan as its chairman, and is today known for its immense generosity and in particular for initiatives such as the Freedom Program, which provides funding for mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and buses for special schools and communities. A few weeks ago, Variety NSW hosted its annual Op Shop Ball, with people gathering in their best op-shopped outfits at the top of Sydney Tower, partying for charity. The night raised $20, 000 and ended with a guest appearance by John Paul Young singing his ultimate feel-good song 'Love Is In The Air.'

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