Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 223: Style Miles & Avalanche City

Love Love Love by Avalanche City

Tonight I went to the launch of Contiki's Research Report 2011 - research is conducted annually regarding trends of travel and is each year presented through themes. Last year's was environmentally focussed - 'Shades of Green' - however this year's focus is 'Style Miles,' trends of travel as realised via food, music, art and fashion - revealed to be valued most-to-least by travellers in this order. It is fascinating to note how paradigms and trends of travel have changed over time and likewise to observe how Contiki seems to be changing, too - to be growing up. The penthouse of the Ivy was right out of Peter Sellers' film 'The Party,' but my night was most made by the intimate performance by upcoming New Zealand folk band Avalanche City's Dave, Romelli and Strahan (the coolest manjo player).

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