Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 170: Kawa, MOS, 52 Suburbs, MCA, Zia Pina

Lunch at Kawa Cafe with Hayley and Henry; 52 Suburbs Exhibition at the Museum of Sydney + talk by photographer Louise Hawson with Miranda; ice cream from gelatissimo (lemon sorbet = sooo souurr); the MCA (last day before it closes for 8 months! Breathing raccoon artwork AHHHhhaahhh); dinner at Zia Pina (cheeeesey). 


  1. Ooh, that sandwich looks ta-sty. As does the sorbet, though I'm not sure how I'd feel about really sour lemon flavour.
    Lovely snaps!

  2. omg I go to Kawa for lunch sometimes during uni (have you tried one of their brownies?! ahh) and we went to the 52 suburbs exhibition as an excursion and had to write about it LOL! this post is so relevant to me!! :D