Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thurley SS 2011 Preview Video

I made this short film of Thurley's SS 2011 preview for On the Streets of Sydney. It's the first film I have made in this kind of setting - so I would adore as much feedback as possible. What do you think of the lighting? The speeds? The choice of music? And of course the collection, too


  1. hey van
    you can't do much about the lighting as it's a fixed setting and there are probably only down lights (i assume as there are dark shadows under their eyes). if you had the option to throw in lights for a model shoot i'd definitely get a fill light to throw at their faces to get rid of those shadows. sometimes all that means is a white board to reflect the light coming from the ceiling. the slow motion is choppy, if you have the option to shoot higher than 25/35/30 fps then do that - it means that your slow mo is going to be much smoother. invest in a video tripod too! i think it's really good, you used the shallow dop really well and the music totally suits!

    soz for being a film nerd,

  2. Hi Sean,
    thank you for your comment! - your feedback is so valuable to me. I may have to sit down and have an in depth conversation about all these details, especially the fps. I shot it on my DSLR, so I'm not sure exactly what it is capable of/if it is really suitable for slow motion etc. - I noticed that it was a bit choppy. And in regards to a tripod, I have been needing one for a couple years now! Especially if I want to get a good shot of St Mary's Cathedral. Perhaps this is the sign that I should finally get onto it! I will need your suggestions. Oh - and what do you suggest in regards of a mic?

    We need to catch up - keep your phone on because I will call you soon when it is not 1 o'clock in the morning ^^

    x Vanessa

  3. The music changes everything...nice choice, works well love.

  4. Loved watching this video! Definitely found the light a bit dark (at 34 second mark it was a lot brighter and easier on the eyes) but it sort of seemed to reflect the mood/atmosphere. Really enjoyed it though! Hope you'll do more in the future! xx