Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Born This Way (album) - Lady Gaga

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is back. And boy, is she bigger than ever. Already, the reviews are starting to pour in for her second album, Born This Way (including myself). In fact, I have written this as soon I finished the album. And what. An. Album.

Gaga plays every character imagined - a hooker, an immigrant, a biblical figure, to name a few – all while spreading her message of love. The songs were recorded all over the world – Paris, Sydney, Milan, even her tour bus. Her styles are diverse, from mariachi bands (oh, yes) to club beats to drum lines borrowed form Queen for some rock n’ roll. And English is not the only language. German, Spanish, French – Lady Gaga has no restrictions on any areas she touches.

Opening the album is Marry The Night, a dance track about her commitment to not wallowing in self pity and instead, going out and facing things head on. This flows onto Born This Way, a song that has already become an anthem to many to celebrate who they are.

After this is when things get weird. Songs like Government Hooker and Americano are not the Gaga we know, but it is definitely the one we love. Both songs have a musical feel about them, as in, I could see them being part of a show, especially Americano. The song positions Gaga as an immigrant falling in love with a woman and is what I consider to be a standout on the album. It’s Latino feel, her singing in Spanish, repetitive ‘la la la’ are all topped off with the catchy ‘Ahhh, america, americano’ and ‘I don’t speak your, I don’t speak your, Americano’. The dance beats and the mariachi band are an amazing combination I would have never seen as working, but it does.

The album continues in this manner, with a lot of religious imagery and messages to love yourself and then spread this love to everyone else. YoĆ¼ and I is a classic rock tune, with help from Queen guitarist Brian May. The production on this song is wonderful and worth giving a listen to. Gaga is in her element here, the energy and passion she feels radiating through as she sings her guts out.

The album closes with The Edge Of Glory and is the perfect end. Overall, the album is good, although some songs are stronger than others, and reflects a lot of hard work. While the album will not sit well with everyone, there is no doubt Gaga is the face of Pop and will continue to take over the pop world. And personally, I do not mind.

Carla B

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