Sunday, April 24, 2011

From the Archives

The 50's Fair 2009.
Nicola is the one taking the picture. That's me in the background. It was a stinking hot day. Rose Seidler house was overflowing with colours, jazz music and glomesh. We drove there with four in the car - Miranda, Nicola, mum and me. And drove back with six - add Lucy and Jay. I distinctly remember that during the day there were these three women in slippers and curlers, with suitcases, who roamed around, including through the bush, and we couldn't quite figure out if they were drunk or strictly in character. I like this picture because it was before I bought a prime lens and when photo editing meant little more to me than writing words with Paint
I am currently in the process of moving the contents of my computer onto my external hard drive. Until having to sort through all my pictures, I really did not realise how many I have taken over the past few years! So many images and so many memories which I would have forgotten had I not taken the picture. Which is the quintessential reason why I love photography - because it can keep up with the speed of life and thought. Following are some of my favourite pictures which I found whilst sorting through my many folders. They are technically not greatest photos around, but they are enough to trigger a memory and for that I adore them. 
The Romance of the Forest Dress
 Lower level of Zoo Emporium. Taken some time in July, 2009.  Crown street browsing. Hannah had a side fringe back then. This is Miranda deliberating whether or not to buy her trademark Romance of the Forest dress.
Sunrise, 2009.
Collaroy. We woke up early to watch the sunrise by the big rock. The line in the middle is the ocean. 
Bowed an Spotted in the Kitchen, April 2010
I think it was a Wednesday. We set up in the kitchen because there was light and space. I'd just made the spotty dress which Lucy wore. And we went through my dress-up box to find the red dress Sharon wore. We spread a piece of calico which I had leftover from making the spotty dress across the room, tied to doorknobs of cabinets. There was a roll of blue stickers which had been waiting for this moment. I sat on a bin to get the right angle. By the end of the day, there were blue dots on the chairs, on Sharon's butt (thanks to Michael) and I believe there is still one to this day on the bottom of one of my blue shoes. 

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  1. Such wonderful, pretty memories, such good happy to be in some of them :D