Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rachel

Dear Rachel,
I really could try with all my effort to sum up how much joy I send to you on your birthday,
but I don't think any words would suffice. 
Instead I will allude to an experience which I think will get my point across much more efficiently.

Do you remember, in 2006(?) when we ran the City 2 Surf together and around the 12km mark when Bondi was almost in our sights, we could not help but admit that copious amounts of water had gotten the better of our bladders? Do you remember that the port-a-loos were about one km forward or one km backwards? And thinking oh no, oh no, what ever shall we do? However, then the joy, what joy! Oh joy!, we felt when we desperately asked a lady cheering on the sidelines if we could use her bathroom and she enthusiastically said Yes, of course! That is the exuberant, hearty, spirited and marvelous sense of joy I wish for you every day, forever. 

Happy Birthday!

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