Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of the best parts of travelling is the food; whether it be fast, fancy or just plain plain, every culinary experience has the potential to be awesome. 

And who can look past the burger? Not only are they one of my favourite foods, but they  happen to be an American icon. Pictured above is my first burger of the trip, long before I realised the love the US holds for pickles, yellow cheese and Spanish onion.

The bacon was a nice touch and added a lovely flavour, which was complimented by the cheese. Although at first it was strange to see such yellow cheese, I have grown fond of it and have discovered how essential it is (2 of my 3 meals today have had it).

I admit, the onion threw me off and I have now decided I am not a fan, opting to simply pick it off.  It overpowered this burger for me and I think that is now why when I think of it, my mouth starts to taste like onion.

Or maybe that's just my lunch. Well, whatever it is, after this, I felt only better could come. 

As I overheard from a fellow Australian the other day, "Americans never do things half-way."

Until next time, I remain

Carla B


  1. I loved American food, except for the yellow cheese! Americans don't seem to appreciate good cheese. Other than that, though, WOW, their food is great.