Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Super K-POP Concert Sydney: Korea Friendship Concert (SHINee, Shin Seung Hoon & Son Ho Young)

SHINee: Onew, Taimin, Minho, Key, Jonghyun (absent)

The term unprecedented is often used today to describe many situations undeserving of such an adjective, however the Super K-POP concert at Town Hall, on Wednesday January 12th, starring the Korean megastars SHINee, the iconic contemporary R&B group catalyst of the SHINee fashion trend currently spreading across Asia; Shin Seung Hoon, the "Emperor of Ballad" celebrating his 20th year in the charts; and Son Ho Young, previously a member of one of Korea's most successful groups g.o.d., cannot be described as anything less. Australia has yet to be properly exposed to the marvels of Korean Pop music, let alone in such a capital abundance - so what be the occasion, you ask? The 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and Korea! In tradition, a 50th anniversary calls for the exchanging of gifts of gold, and indeed this is exactly what this concert was. As the Korean representative mentioned, along with his translator, hopefully a greater awareness of Korean culture will grow in Australia. And after the Super K-POP concert, may we please suggest that a most effective way to encourage such awareness would be to fulfil this request: 
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  1. call me a hardcore fangirl but i started tearing when i looked at this post. it was just so much fun! i hope we can all experience seeing SHINee or another k-pop concert together some time again!!

    keeyyyyyy! ♡♡♡