Tuesday, September 14, 2010



If you could invent a new star sign, what would it be, and what qualities would it possess?
Something fun, I guess. Like what's the latin word for dragon? The qualities would have to match too so, impatient, hot headed (pardon the pun) and really stubborn

Favourite food?
It ranges from really nice stuff to really horrible stuff every week. But this week I think I'll go with chicken schnitzel wraps

Song that changed your life?

Would you die if I said Britney Spears' Oops I did it again? Noo just kidding, maybe something by

Look around you now, what do you see?

Really messy bed sheets, clothes everywhere and a book about the wasteful western society that I haven't read yet

If you could have 100kgs of anything (real or hypothetical) what would it be?

Some patience I guess, and common sense. Can I go 50/50? Actually can I even do emotions?

If you could swap lives with a person in a movie, who would it be?

Liv Tyler in Empire Records, barring the whole speed addiction thing and the in-love-with-rex-manning thing. She was smart, hot, could work a midriff top and had the hot painter guy completely head over heels

Where will you be in five years time?

Hopefully working at a stuffy museum, and fine tuning a history degree maybe

What is the best advice you've ever received?

"Be safe, don't act like an idiot" - love my mum

If you were a serial killer, what would your trademark be?
Dexter has a pretty good thing going, just killing people who deserve it. So probably, my victims would be the trademark if that makes any sense

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  1. Love your leggings! I like your answer to the last question, I've been watching so much Dexter lately!