Monday, August 23, 2010


In May, I attended the MCA zine fair, where I fell in love with Anna's zine 20 Meals in NY. Anna has been so lovely and has kept me up to date with her meals/illustrations, so drumroll please - meals from 'The River Cafe Cookbook' by Rose Gray.

Anna's Supper Club #2
1. Malfatti of Swiss chard
2. Winter leaf salad
3. Potato, fresh pecorino and rosemary pizza
4. Hazelnut praline ice cream

Malfatti of Swiss chard!

I really enjoy Anna's illustrations because they feel fun and I can always imagine the food as symbols of the memories that went with the meals. With each one I can imagine the lighting of the restaurant, or the loud honking of the street in the background, the music in the shop and the person opposite me with a glass of wine and an expression that has just broken into a hurricane of laugher. You know, the joys of sharing food with those you love.

ps - I feel this would be a good dinner party song: Jesse Cook's version of Crowded House's Fall at Your Feet. As would Erik Mongrain's AirTap!

pps - please note, the Monday Issue will be rather inactive until further notice, hence the blacked-out eyes over the logo

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  1. very cool images. that is an awesome idea. i love food photos and this takes it to a whole new level.

    ohhh nooo! the eyes are blacked out?! hope everything is alright. i'll miss your posts. give me a shout when they are back up and running please! xx