Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Green Leaves

three green leaves sit on my window sill,
the wind picks them up and I wonder where she will take them

three green leaves fly overhead,
as my umbrella flips up, I see them zoom past

three green leaves caught in the rain,
they sink slowly into a puddle on the footpath

and slowly they sink into the water,
like fruit* submerged in a cool pan of jelly

three green leaves

*please note that fruits such as watermelon and pineapple will disrupt jelly's ability to set. Use less watery fruits such as strawberries to avoid disappointment


  1. I love this. There is nothing better than capturing a fleeting moment with words. It's like Flower pressing, only with memories. Beautiful. Its nice to see.

  2. Strawberries to avoid disappointment??I have no idea!
    God bless you!! =)

  3. i enjoy jelly, i enjoy fruit. now i know how to combine the two. thank you monday issue! :D