Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Postcard from Margot

A little while ago, my favourite imaginary friend and alter ego, Margot, sent me a message by (www) post. Our correspondence went as follows...

Margot: So...who's idea was it to get rid of the graphics tablet and throw me into a pit of darkness and existential strife?

Moi: Well, it is Claire's graphics tablet after all. And besides, Margot, you are very well off in the democratic republic of Photoshop - you even have suffrage. Stop complaining.

Margot: It's so weird here. Before you so meanly gave Claire back her tablet, you didn't consider that you'd attempted to substitute rain-drawing with pink leaves. I feel like I'm in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Moi: You've never seen that movie.

Margot: but you have. And I am a figure of your imagination. So in one way or another, I have see it

Moi: Margot, in my imagination, I am turning you into jelly, with strawberries in it. Yum, yum, you fruitful one, you.

ps - Don't make jelly in muffin molds - they look wonderful, but are impossible to get out

pps - due to the (very) recent outbreak of the Gelatin civil war, Margot has fled the country and sought political asylum in the Milk Club.


  1. I love this. Your mind must be a fantastic place..
    Lucy at Where the wild things might be...

  2. i love this, laughed a lot!
    Good tip on the jelly, i will not do this. but I'd like to make some strawberry jelly now

    from spindizzyfall

  3. super cute!

    Food porn!! NOMS!

    I was stopping by cause I noticed you commented on Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage's post "Bohemian Child" and just thought I'd mention I made a DIY rose garland inspired by her.


  4. hey miss! i met you at the markets today -yes im the shy one who didnt want her photo taken.. now ive read your amazing blog im regretting it! :)