Monday, June 7, 2010

The Joy (everything that surrounds the actual listening experience) of music

The joy of... sound checks - hearing the voices without seeing the faces only makes for more excitement

The joy of... set lists and trying frantically to remember each song individually during the ride home

The joy of... Nic and Dom's hugs after each performance

The joy of...the Christmas present that was delivered five months late - Flowers Forever, a kind of album that needs to be listened to at 35 rpm - thanks Carla

The joy of... the Indian flute,

The joy of... touring the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The joy of... finding that your 13 hour plane ride can be filled with 'Dreams' and 'Second Hand News'

The joy of... painting my guitar with Nicola

The joy of... trying guitars at Allen's

The joy of... the full moon when you walk out of the a Capella Choir

The joy of... buying flowers and hiding them under the seat, for Lu after the performance

The joy of... having to manually change side A to B of my Velvet Underground cassette

The joy of...when Maddy turns up to play a boy's role wearing blush & lip gloss

The joy of... crescendos which reach ffz

On that note, how good is classical radio!


  1. I love so much all your photos, I mean, all the people seem to be in the middle of an ecstasy of happiness.

  2. Do you actually own that Mystic Valley Band set list?
    If so, I am impossibly jealous..

  3. Thanks a lot for your comment & everything, followed you back ;)

    That's so amazing that your bracelets got on the cover though! I'm a bit of a crazy fan of everything Conor which is why I couldn't help but comment in the first place.. so I am still very jealous haha