Thursday, May 6, 2010

Streestyle: Jessie (RAFW)

DSC00701Jessie 2
Jessie 1
Jessie, designer for Insight


  1. these photos are insanely gorgeous. and her outfit is seriously perfection. i love the silhouette of those wedged harsh shoes next to the very feminine polka dot ladylike pleated skirt.... and then the surprising leather and lace on top. seriously amazing. am adding you to my blog role now... am really blown away by how beautiful all your photos are. x

  2. I love your blog! That welcome card you gave to Susie was so cute. Shame I didn't get to meet you at RAFW.

  3. How funny! I came to your blog out of curiosity because of your interesting comment on the style crusader's post.. and then realised you left one on mine so wanted to thank you.. and chose this post to comment on.. only to find that jen had just said every single word i meant to write!

    so, just, ditto. including the part about adding you to my blog roll: which is better, 'international style' or 'street style' - in which case I'd say Australia? Or is there a particular city?

    oh! & the other thing is, your comment that voting is MANDATORY in australia. fascinating. i've never heard of that in any country. you've inspired me to do a post, & i'll link back to your lovely lovely blog. xo