Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Nineties: Fading In or Out?

Is the style of the Nineties in the past or is it a part of the present and perhaps the future?

As it grows ever more powerful with its appeal to the mainstream 'alternative' scene, is the past becoming the future? and is it a good or bad thing?

what are your favourite trends?
are there some aspects you think shouldn't come back?
is it just a phase that will be over before we can rent a copy of Reality Bites and go on a wild goose hunt for a fanny pack?


You no longer need a profile to comment! As you may have been able to tell, I love hearing what people have to say & appreciate any feedback, comments and suggestions, so get typing!

photographer: Vanessa
model: Carla B

clothing details
title: Jacket - target; mid drift - unknown; tights - Emily the Strange (worn throughout)
1: Jersey - Triple J
2: Mickey Mouse t-shirt - Disneyland
3: see title

If you're feeling Nineties nostalgic:


  1. awesome!! this is so cool. Carla looks really nice. fantastic photographs, van.

  2. Hmmm...I wouldn't mind re-runs of classic 90's shows. And some of the clothing is cool.

    But you know, I think parachute pants should never return.

  3. oh cool, you took these? i thought these were actually images from the nineties.

    I am really liking a lot of the early nineties trends that are coming back and do hope they stay. I mostly like them because some ARE so odd and awkward (midriffs for example.) But they can be spoiled (pairing a midriff with sporty spice tracksuit pants etc)so you have to draw the perfect line.
    I like how midriff is trendy but still so is high waisted skirts/shorts (which i feel is quite flattering to most bodies, seperates the torso from the hips and legs quite well)

    I do love knitted sweaters and cardigans and really hope they still around!

    from spindizzyfall

  4. fantastic blog.
    this is something i've been thinking a lot about lately actually...decade trends. i do like the 90s, but then, i always have. i think like all things balance is most important, so yeah, you won't see me going out looking for a fanny pack anytime soon... but i was tempted to get one of those little leather mini backpacks recently...gah! :)
    Mamushka Marie

  5. 3d glasses! i want a pair! now in the imax, they have rubbish big fat glasses which don't fit on my nose :(

  6. I really can't stand the whole midriff trend coming back. Seeing all those grey jersey little t-shirts all cut off with the sleeves rolled up (mainly in Supre-esque stores)... Well it may even be borderline 80s but I still just do not think it should come back! For some things - what happened in the 90s should stay in the 90s.

    However I do really love the 3D glasses. Way cooler than the IMAX ones! :)

  7. And also those K-Pop recommendations are on the way!
    I started with the best stuff, but let me know when you are ready to move on to the wonderful world of J-Pop! :)

  8. I thought this was from a magazine, your photoshoots are amazing!

  9. I view the 90s as being really innocent - like our daggy younger selves. whenever i look back on those yellowed photos with the dim outlines of the 90s i get the feeling that it was trying to find itself with all the new technology coming through. it was trying to be sophisticated with cassette tapes and brick mobile phones, sorta like i was as i was getting older.
    i was just wondering now,
    if only i had looked as cool as carla.