Monday, April 26, 2010

Nature & the Anatomic Hourglass

Photographer: Vanessa
Models: Claire and Sarah
Make up/Stylist: Hannah
Creative supervision: Miranda and Dom Foff
phrase of the day: 'take it off'

clothing details: 1-5 striped middrift- unknown; black velvet skirt - unknown. 6-7 lace and silk dress - unknown; Zoo York shirt - Dom's. 8 black swimming costume - unknown, lace shirt - unknown, black velvet skirt - unknown. 9 Morrissey Edmiston dress. 11. Claire: dress - unknown; Sarah: wrap dress - Tree of Life.



  1. yeah the me. hahha well done vanessaaa!

  2. Wow!!!!! They just kept getting better &better!!
    And not just saying!!!! That one with the huge wave and sea spray.
    And it always looks like it would have been fun to shoot.


  3. Woww long skirts with a fairly high waist + midriff top = late nineties overload! =D
    Such an awesome shoot, and looks like you did it on a gorgeous day ^_^
    My favourite shot is the one where's she's leaning back in the boat.

  4. gorgeous shots- esp love the ones of you swimming in your dresses. its a little bit picnic at hanging rock

  5. THIS IS SO AMAZING. i love this photoshoot. especially the swimming ones