Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bowed and Spotted in the Kitchen

The first Official Monday Issue photoshoot

I initially intended to shoot with a chameleon effect, applied through clothes and backdrop (think Garden State), but the chameleon ran away. We enjoyed this song whilst shooting it: Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls (BEG); Ate Hillier's Chocolate; & had lots of fun with blue dots.

Photographer: Vanessa
Models: Lola & Sharon
Location: Kitchen
Stylist: communal effort

clothing details
Lola: dress - made by Vanessa; blue velvet pumps - Forever 21 (America)
Sharon: dress - Paablo Nevada; gold studded platforms - Steve Madden; bow - Reject Shop


  1. Great post!
    this is the absolute CUTEST idea ever :)
    love it
    looking gorgeous!!!
    stop by some time xx

  2. ohh vanessa! this looks so great. they both look gorgeous. im excited for when i get back from melbourne for our shoot. yay!

  3. Oh I can't believe I didn't even mention the stars! They were a specticle. Almost our entire group (so about 30 people) sat in complete darkness for a couple hours with our chairs reclined watching the skies, spotting shooting stars and identifying black holes. I think I'll add a little to my post about the stars :)

    this shoot looks like it's full if joy and carefree. What is it for?
    Looking forward to seeing more lovely shoots like this.

    from spindizzyfall

  4. i love those ideas! dotted dress looks great and i'm telling you, i want that bow NOW. once again, love love love it:)

  5. Another spectacular piece of work Vanessa! If i worked at Vogue I'd commision you for a fashion shoot tomorrow.

  6. This is insanely awesome! My favourite is the 6th photo down. I think I might have to stalk you the next time you have one of these shoots!

    and B.E.G. heck yeahh! If you are becoming a fan of the addictive world of k-pop I can recommend a whole heap of other songs~! ;)