Thursday, March 11, 2010

Olivia & Lucy

Olivia Rotten & Lucy Vicious

Where are you originally from?
O: Leeds, I think
L: A time when music was just smashing it out on your instrument, none of that 'techno' crap

Do you follow any specific philosophies, cults or groups in general?
L: The only thing we follow is punk rock and roll, the Sex Pistols specifically, we belong to an elite fan club 'the pistol grips'

If you could be reincarnated into any era, which would it be?
O: Hmm that's a tough one...
L: No era without the Sex Pistols could be any fun; so we'd stay here

Favourite musicians?
O: Currently having an obsession with Phoenix
L: Yeah we went and saw Phoenix and Franz Ferdinband last week, they were an excellent representation of modern music, in the audience you could still find hard core punk rockers

Best present you've ever received?
O: Propbably the Harry Potter watched I got for Christmas when I was 7. That was awesome.
L: Yeah watched are a bit of a fettish of ours, only the other day someone got me a watch from Bali saying 'Spider-man', I guess his greatest super power was the ability to avoid copyright infringement

If you were a serial killer, what would your trademark be?
O: Spraying some sort of air freshener so they would at least smell good
L: Place a tiara on their heads, even a corpse could do a better job at leading than the Queen

A message to all the children out there:
O: Dress up! It's fun :)
L: Listen to good music, not your parents

Where will you be in five years?
O: Probably here, but looking completely different
L: Probably dead, we drink too much english breakfast tea, caffeine's not good for you

Best thing you ever ate?
O: This awesome icecream they only sell in America thta looks like the stuff you will bean bags with. Sooo good.

Who are your idols?

How did you end up in the punk rock subculture?
L: I think we were born with the punk spirit in our veins, my parents hated the Pistols, so naturally we loved them


  1. haha, those girls are excellent:) by those answeres i can hear the way they're answering you're questions:D

    btw, you have unamde beds soundtrack?! i can't seem to get it out here. i've been so desperate that i also checked if it's in the internet, and shit... it's not.