Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ode to the NGC 2264: the Cone Nebula and Snowflake Cluster

The Cone Nebula and the Snowflake Cluster, as well as the Fox Fur Nebula and the Christmas Tree Cluster are found in the Monoceros Constellation, 800 parsecs and 2600 light years from Earth. The colours and textures are products of "the tumultuous unrest that accompanies the formation of the open cluster of stars known as NGC 2264."
this is of course, dedicated to Nicola

original image from NASA

Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley


  1. great collages... i love those nasa pictures:)

  2. VANESSA! you're a woman after my own heart. do you understand how much i love nasa images? so much love for nebulas!

  3. hooray...stars and stuff!

    thanks for your sweet comment on my picture x

  4. yep i is just the furry hood ha ha

  5. listen nessa, ah nessa,
    thankyou so much they're BEAUTIFUL
    and very clever, have i told you lately that i think you're a wonderful genius? coz u are.