Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview Dec/Jan 2010 (oil paint experiment)

Today I used oil paint for the first time, after feeling that watercolours would not suffice the biting tone of Interview. A couple things to note: it's messy, doesn't spread nicely & for some unbeknown reason, doesn't wash off with friendly H20. For want of not ruining my paintbrushes in the jungle that is oil paint, I used folded up post-it notes (and fingers) . Must invest in a more Ben Quilty approach.

Carmina Burana - composed by Carl Orff

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  1. oh vanessa... its OIL paint, of course its not going to come off with water. buy some turps. but i love your work all the same. maybe next time you accidentally borrow my Yen overnight you could paint me an oil piece as an apology?