Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review: Gold Motel (EP) - Gold Motel

review by Carla B
The Hush Sound has been one of my favourite bands for a long time; in fact, they are the band I’ve listened to the longest. And I love them. In mid 2008, they spoke of having a new album out by mid 2009. Unfortunately, in October that year, their bassist left the band and by April, the band was on hiatus. But while it may be the end of the Hush Sound for now, it is not the end of the female lead singer Greta Salpeter, aka Greta Morgan, aka Gold Motel.
The advance of technology (and the invention of twitter) has enabled me to follow her journey of 2009, including her move to LA from Chicago to record her debut album. While the album still awaits release, set for June this year, Greta treated her fans to a taste of just what her solo work, dubbed as Gold Motel, sounds like with the self-titled, 5-song EP.
While it is an extension on what she did when with the Hush Sound, especially their third album Goodbye Blues, it also puts Greta in the spotlight more than when she was in the band. And this is the essential summer soundtrack. It suits those days in the sun, at the beach, reading, dancing, relaxing – anything you would do when the days are long, sunny and yours to waste.
‘Perfect In My Mind’ is one of those catchy tunes, with a great drum beat, that suits those late night parties we all go to and never want to end, where everything is seemingly perfect. This song is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. The next track ‘Make Me Stay’ is an upbeat love song, where Greta appeals to her love to stop her from running away and change her mind. ‘The Cruel One’ keeps on the same pace as the previous songs, with Greta’s lyrics remaining as strong as usual. The EP slows down with ‘Who Will I Be Tonight?’, a jazz style song about love lost, a stand out for its rawness and tragedy; Greta’s vocals are amazing on this song, being very emotional and easy on the ears. The closer ‘Don’t Send The Searchlights’ ends the EP on the same upbeat tone and makes you want to start the EP all over again. Good night and good bye? No way!
With Greta starting her new solo career, she is lucky to already have a strong fanbase. But that's not her only bit of luck; Greta is a classically trained pianist and has an amazing talent when it comes to song writing. After 5 years of being in the Hush Sound, her new music reflects the maturity has been able to reach from these experiences and even without the fanbase, she would be able to gain fans, and this EP is proof enough of that.
If this hasn’t convinced you, just check out her myspace or website to stream the EP and hear it for yourself. You can buy the EP from her official webstore at a very low price, as well as other merchandise. Check into the Gold Motel and be prepared to never leave.

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  1. I LOVE This EP. Can't wait for the Summer House!