Sunday, December 20, 2009

Review: the Fame Monster (album) - Lady Gaga

The first review on the Monday Issue!

by Carla B

If a year ago, someone had said “In a year, you’ll love Lady Gaga”, I would have told them they were crazy. I didn’t see the appeal of this weird pop singer, with weird songs. Another generic artist I thought. That was until April, when I came across a video of her doing Poker Face on her piano. That one performance changed my mind completely and I began to search for the woman behind Lady Gaga. I began to understand the wackiness and appreciate it; the music changed meaning and I even grew to like it.

The Fame Monster, her new EP, is pretty good. The opener ‘Bad Romance’ is catchy and fun. Often, I or one of my friends breaks out singing it and we all join in – it is after all, the lead single. The next song is another stand out for me – ‘Alejandro’ is actually pretty fun to pronounce and play around with, as Gaga obviously does in the song. ‘Telephone’ with Beyonce is definitely catchier than their other collaboration, Video Phone’, with great beats and kind of funny lyrics.

However, the stand out here has to be Speechless, a song Gaga wrote for her father. With Gaga in her rawest, on piano, it isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find on a pop album. It’s more rocky than her other songs and the lyrics aren’t about her typical stuff. I could imagine a number of other artists I like singing this song, maybe even covering it. If you’re going to listen to any song on this album, this is it.
The Fame Monster is out now; grab a copy if you’re in the mood for some fun – it also comes with her first album, so why not?

* Poker Face on piano

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  1. I've been listening to The Fame all morning...good stuff!