Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jag älskar the Sartorialist

One of my greatest inspirations, Scott Schuman - the Sartorialist, is here in Sydney! to promote his new book. Yesterday a signing was held at sass & bide and needless to say, I was there. Lots of well dressed people/lots & lots of waiting/the new coolest person in town, Fabian/lots of silent questions/and of course, lots & lots of excitement/very very nice & friendly sartorialist. I will not describe the night further as I know it will reduce me to (happy) tears.

Meeting Scott Schuman is a reminder that inspiration is real.

sass & bide sequinsChris


  1. I really love these photos, especially the sass and bide sequins. So very jealous I couldnt make it down to sass and bide when he did the book signing in melbourne. I bet just being in his presence was inspiration enough!

  2. wasn't he great?! love your photos.

  3. His presence was enough to inspire a great artwork.

    x Vanessa

  4. That would have been an amazing experience! The people must have been extraordinary!

  5. Somehow it felt worth it to wait for 2 hours for a little small talk and a signature. I wish I'd been brave and chatted to some of the interesting people in the queue.

    p.s. this is great blog!